years of experience

We are an insurance broker continuously active in the market for 30 years. We specialize in providing services to corporate clients.

As independent insurance broker we represent interests of our clients against the insurance companies.

We have many years of experience and necessary knowledge in corporate and group insurance to assist with every challenge of our clients.

Our clients are served by high class specialists – experienced insurance brokers and consultants, experts in various insurance types. Our employees continuously improve qualifications and knowledge through participation in training courses, exchange of experience and through publications.

We help our clients with claims settlement through cooperation with experts, independent appraisers and lawyers.

We care about professional ethics. As representative of the demand side of the insurance market we accept remuneration only in the form of brokerage fee.



Radosław Trzosek – President of the Board
Anna Rostkowska – Vice-President of the Board


The main shareholder of the company is Dr. Józef Rakowski, who directly supervises and supports the board based on his knowledge and many years of experience in insurance and management.